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Shabnam Asmai Cooking Blog

Hi! Thank you for visiting my cooking blog. My name is Shabnam. I am a web/graphic designer living in Toronto.

Cooking and Cooking is my personal website, created and being maintained by myself. I started this blog in November 2009 to share easy, fun, creative and favorite recipes with other food lovers. Here you will find a collection of my easy and everyday recipes using simple and fresh ingredients.

Remember! You don't always need to run to the grocery store. Just think what you have in your kitchen and if you have the basics, you can create many dishes at home quickly.

I am not a chef and I have never had a formal training in cooking; I just cook at my home for my family. I'm trying to add at least 2 recipes every week.

If you have any suggestion to improve my website, I am eager to hear from you or if you made any of these recipes, please leave me your feedback and share your tips with me. I hope you enjoy my blog, and return to visit more often!

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